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UCCDC Affordable Housing Project


Newark, New Jersey

Union Chapel Community Development
Corporation (UCCDC)
209 Wainwright Street
Newark,, NJ 07112

Construction Cost:

$2.1 Million

Project Services:

Construction Administration
Site Plan Review and Zoning Board

Project Description:


The project involves approximately 1,800 square feet of building renovation.

NPAD’s responsibility was to convert the existing church to become barrierfree, which is consistent with American with Disabilities Act (ADA). The scope of services included the design and installation of a 2100 lb capacity elevator and building interior and exterior accessibility ramps. Newly renovated male and female restrooms included a female lounge with custom furniture, stainless steel toilet compartments, corian countertops and attachment free floor for cleaning. The project required the inclusion of a fire protection system that connected the elevator to the building alarm system. NPAD assisted in the securing of $30,000 in grant funding for building renovation construction cost.