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Monte Irving Park Restroom Facility


Orange, New Jersey




Essex County Department of Public
900 Bloomfield Ave
Verona, NJ 07044

Construction Cost:


Project Services:

Electrical and Structural
Construction Administration

Project Description:


The project involves approximately 2,400 square feet of new building
construction to serve the newly renovated historic Orange Park.

NPAD’s responsibility was to design a new 2,400 sf restroom and storage facility to replace the existing 412 sf building. The project is to provide restrooms to the public. The building’s design is intended to be vandal and maintenance resistant, while maintaining the historic character of Orange Park. The masonry building is covered by a hip roof with a portico that offers covered space. The toilet partitions and water closets are not floor mounted, allowing for easier cleaning and maintenance. The fixtures are all stainless steel to increase durability and aid visual appeal. The ceilings are snap-in anodized aluminum promote additional security. The entrance doors are fiberglass reinforced panels with continuous hinges for lasting durability.

Orange Park now known as Monte Irvin Park is 47.63 acres located in Orange NJ and was originally designed by the Olmsted Brothers.

The design of the new restroom facility exterior reflects to traditional roof overhangs and trim researched from the original facilities designed by the Olmsted Brothers.