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Message from the President / Founder

The planning element within NPAD is designed to be a participatory planning process. The process includes key components that require direct involvement of the citizens, significant groups, the business community, and political decision-makers. The steps involved include:

Retail1). A Neighborhood Assessment,
2). Implementation and Visioning,
3). Community Meetings, and
4). Physical and Policy Development

Each component is intended to provide necessary information with respect to the neighborhood's existing state followed by the an in-depth analysis that includes the active participation of the client and supporting community.

NPAD's in-house technology aids in the development of the current physical and its future environments. Through the use of digital modeling and Geographical Informational Systems (GIS), our product brings fourth realistic, understandable, and developable findings and information.

Empowering Citizens, Creating Neighborhoods and Improving Quality of Life