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The architectural element of the firm addresses the visualization of the built-environment. As with the planning and the urban design disciplines, the architectural component seeks to ensure that the architectural solution is responsive, contextual, and sensitive to its users and environment. To ensure active participation, the architectural steps include:

1). Project Feasibility,
2). Program Development,
3). Schematic and Conceptual Design,
4). Design and Environment Development,
5). Construction Documents Preparation, and
6). Construction Administration


As part of NPAD's architectural package, the firm works in a virtual reality mode that enhances each project's communicative ability, increases effective design decision-making, and produces productive contract documents. Because of our in-house technology and technical expertise, the finished project can be represented as digital modeling and graphical imaging, which is internet ready.
Our clients are within the private, public, and non-profit sectors. The types of projects include residential, recreation, commercial, educational, and religious institutions.

Empowering Citizens, Creating Environments and Improving Quality of Life